La Via Divina
 by Ilaria Di Carlo / 15′ / Experimental Fiction/ Germany 2018



       “The path to paradise begins in hell” — Dante Alighieri

Loosely based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, The Divine Way takes us along on the protagonist’s epic descent through an endless labyrinth of staircases. As the woman journeys deeper, the staircases mutate and she is trapped and pulled into their dangerous landscape, conducting us through more than fifty magnificent locations. 


Director’s Statement

The Divine Way reflects on the themes of identity and self-discovery journey in relation to architecture and landscape. Fascinated by the architectural beauty of staircases, my artistic intention was to make a film that takes place only in staircases and that expresses emotions translated into pictures. The film was shot in fifty different locations and collects some of the most impressive staircases in Germany. Symbolically, a stairway always suggests a journey. In psychoanalysis, staircases often represent the subconscious and twisting landscapes of our personalities that can turn us in so many different and contrasting directions.Loosely based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, the film depicts the mystical path of life’s journey, which sometimes pushes us into total darkness, in order to see where the light truly comes from.